Why Chicago Bears Fans' 2012 Expectations ought getting very Bowl or Bust

2012-Jun-29, 06:27
Look, the homer in all of us would continually would rather believe that our team is capable of successful a ***le. But this season, the Bears do really possess a legitimate shot at Lombardi's trophy.
In my estimation, something much less ought getting unacceptable.
I know there are numerous extremely decent clubs around using exactly the same exact goal. In fact, two of them are within Bears' individual division. however the Bears have not captured the name offered that January 1986, a drought of the whole great offer greater than 26 years.
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NFL: Texans getting cautious with Schaub's return

2012-Jun-10, 06:36
Schaub's routines consist of agility drills with other game fanatics who aren't completely practicing, such as receiver Andre Johnson, who experienced arthroscopic knee surgical treatment in May.
Texans instructor Gary Kubiak isn't worried about Schaub's health.
"We know what Mat's capable of, and we're expecting large factors from him," Kubiak informed the Chronicle. "He'll hold out as difficult as anybody."
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Report: Mike Jenkins probable getting at Cowboys mini-camp

2012-Jun-10, 06:34
All of which produces a mini-camp holdout that extends into instruction camp each of the a terrific offer more likely. Except that NFL.com's Ian Rapoport writes that it's anti****ted that Jenkins in simple fact WILL go to this week's obligatory mini-camp.
Um what?
As Rapoport writes, ?He probable won't parti****te largely as a complete result of the shoulder injury, but he'll be there. I'm not particular I recognize why. If you're gonna sustain out and force a trade, do it. That's your leverage. If he's going getting element belonging for that team, then be that. Re-join the team, all-in and everything.?
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NFL Suspensions at a Furious Pace

2012-May-21, 06:08
Suspensions are about as contagious as the common cold around the NFL landscape these days and there are now three more names to add to the list of those affected. Not surprisingly, each of these players are currently looking for better situations and greener pastures in the league after fallouts (either still ongoing or in the past) with their former employers. Although all three cases are different in nature and severity of infraction, each player has some time to pay for the infractions that they have committed.
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Contractual Headway: Key NFL Signings

2012-May-21, 06:06
Hold the presses; it appears that there actually IS some money out there that NFL teams are willing to spend this offseason. After weeks of pondering whether any contracts were going to be signed at all amongst first round picks and veterans looking to be compensated according to their production, three relatively high profile deals were struck on Thursday by teams around the league.
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The Whiparound: Randy Edsall making questionable changes at coordinator

2012-Apr-26, 06:55
Randy Edsall had a rough first year at Maryland. He departed Connecticut without telling his former players. He replaced a beloved coach in Ralph Friedgen. And the Terripans went 2-10 under Edsall in last season. Now Randy Edsall is making some questionable changes at coordinator.
For offense Edsall hired Mike Locksley, who generally ran the New Mexico program into the ground in less than three years. He won two games and earned a one-game suspension after an altercation with another New Mexico coach.
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Spring practice questions, Part 1

2012-Apr-26, 06:43
In texas, where I live, the joke is that there are two kinds of athletics ? football and spring football. That?s nearly as true in college football. And as programs around the country gear up for workouts, we tackled the spring practice questions that mean the most.
Spring practice question No. 1: Can Bill O?Brien get off on the right foot at Penn State?
Replacing any head coach is hard enough. Replacing a legend is nearly folly. Replacing a beloved, revered, figure like Joe Paterno is a job few would want to tackle. Replacing Joe Paterno amid his death and the Jerry Sandusky scandal ? which led to Paterno?s firing and put a black eye on the entire athletic program ? just seems like an opportunity doomed to fail.
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Nike brings orange Chicago Bears jerseys to an end

2012-Apr-16, 07:03
Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times says that Nike will not have the alternate orange jersey for the Chicago Bears, but they will still carry a throwback option. Personally, this is a bit disheartening, as I loved the orange, but I wasn't consulted for this decision. Perhaps an appeal could be made to someone, somewhere, but I'm not sure if that would make any difference. I always wanted to see an orange top paired with navy pants, but that wasn't a combo that the team ever went with. Oh well, I suppose life will go on. Will you miss the orange?
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Gale Sayers speaks out on Bears offense, Saints bounties, and George Halas

2012-Apr-16, 06:50
Recently we had the opportunity to chat with retired Bears RB Gale Sayers about a number of Chicago Bears/NFL topics. As always, Sayers was candid in his responses, and provided plenty of insights that should generate some interesting discussions.
WCG: The Matt Forte contract situation has been a hot topic for months now, and Bears fans seem to be divided with their opinions. The team offered what they thought was fair (4 years/ $30M/ windows.com

The pro football draft? Me and my brother used to run it

2012-Apr-5, 07:00
The million-dollar melodrama that the NFL Draft has become used to be a simpler affair. Time was, any two skinny kids could run the pro football draft. I know, because me and my brother Joe did exactly that about 45 years ago.
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